iD声卡驱动 4.3.17


iD24 Windows: Channel layout fixed (Outputs: Analogue 3/4, Analogue 5/6 & Loopback 1/2 not showing)
Windows: Fix to prevent the wrong device from being updated when multiple Audient devices are connected
Dialog "CANCEL" shows "no file found" when no file is found.
Windows: Fixed firmware update failure for iD44
The title bar name for the main mixer window changed to Mixer.
Windows: Previously set sample rate recalled on application start and device connection
Windows driver updated to v5.0.4
Added macOS Ventura Support
Fixed: Application failed to load for iD4
Support .img update files to improve update reliability
Win: All iD devices now control the Windows sample rate from the mixe
Fixed function key assignments not showing
Added support for Stereo linked external digital channels
Fixed presets with the same name on different devices
Switched to MSI driver installer package
Improved installer compatibility
The installer now relaunches if a reboot is required on Windows
Windows Installer text was added to recommend disconnecting the device before continuing with the installation
Fixed potential installer failure due to writing log file in the wrong location
Improved Installer logging for diagnostics
Fixed menu bar becoming unresponsive on macOS
Added separate Windows builds for x86 and x64 systems
Improved UI response time for hardware parameter changes
Updated Product Registration page to improve compatibility with modern browsers
Improved application response and performance with USB devices to resolve sluggish behaviour seen on some Ryzen series Processor
Improved driver performance with high buffer sizes on Windows
New: Added iD44 MKII Support
Minor graphical alignment tweaks
Accessibility enhancements
New: Mixer window height is now adjustable (on both MKI and MKII interfaces)
New: Loopback routing icon added to source channel/master (MKII interfaces Only)
Bug fixes:
MacOS menu bar items not clickable after initially being shown
iD14 (MKII) main volume changes after app launch
iD14 (MKII) CUE B output routing failing to recall

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